Rippon Lea Baroque Dancers
With Helga Hill's appointment to choreograph early dance for a series of Baroque operas at the Dartington International Summer School from 1986 to 1997, it was decided to establish a related project in Melbourne.

Lynne Craven, Fay Donlevy and Jan Turner of the Rippon Lea Renaissance Dancers joined Helga Hill to make up the original performing team, with Yoko Murakoshi a more recent addition. Greater numbers were not required as most Baroque dances (apart from simpler Contredanses) were written for 1-4 performers due to the complexities of the first dance notation which was devised after 1650.

Regular Baroque dance performances commenced in Melbourne in 1992, with the present team established in 1994. Priscilla Alderton, Samantha Cohen, Stephen Freeman, Peter Hagen, Miriam Morris, Linda Kent, Rosemary Webber, Rodney Waterman and Jacqueline Ogeil are among leading artists who, at various times, have accompanied the dancers.

Court costumes worn by the dancers were designed and made by Linda Bear and Helga Hill.

Baroque Dancers

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