Early Music Consort

Founded in 1973, the Consort is Victoria's longest-established early music ensemble. The Group has performed widely throughout Victoria and interstate and, through its association with the Rippon Lea Renaissance Dancers, has played a major role in establishing historic dance in Australia.

Current members are Helga Hill, Michael Noble, Roger Palmer and Trevor Trotter who, collectively, play such Renaissance and Baroque instruments as the virginal, harpsichord, krummhorn, curtal, kortholt, flute, arch lute, guitar, zittern, fidel and recorders.

A portative organ, hurdy gurdy, Medieval recorders, Saracen lute, psaltery, shalmey, rauschpfeifen, gemshorns, tromba marina and bells are among instruments used in Medieval presentations.

The group, which wears period court dress, is heavily involved in history-based theatrical productions and concerts arranged by the Early Arts Guild.

Enquiries can be made to the Early Arts Guild on 03 9699 8417 or email helgamhill@bigpond.com

Early Music Consort

The Early Music Consort

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