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Early Arts Guild activities require ongoing research in a wide variety of areas. Planning for the Annual Christmas Pageant, for example, commences 12 months beforehand. Dance research from original sources is continuous as new choreographies must be taught in classes well ahead of planned performances.

The themes for future performances often dictate the specific dances to be presented and, on occasion, it is necessary to devise new choreographies to match a particular subject. In similar fashion, music must be found up to a year ahead to allow for rehearsal and for arrangement of parts. The latter is important in the case of Baroque dance music where, frequently, only a melody line exists. The costume department also requires forward planning.The need for new garments must be assessed well in advance so that materials can be found and time allowed for fittings and the eventual construction of the garment.

The more recent addition of the Art of Gesture to the Guild's courses and performances, has generated another major field of ongoing research. The development over the past 30 years of the Early Music, Dance and Theatre Archive has provided the basis for much of this work.

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